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The experienced trio from the Black Forest neither chops wood nor builds cuckoo clocks. Their precision work is called BLACK FOREST MASSIVE ROCK and is as solid as a shelter on the Feldberg. For 20 years CREKKO has been convincing with their broad spectrum of varied songs and is sure to have the right thing for every concertgoer. From the sensitive ballad over energetic midtempo numbers to the hard slap in the face, they simply have it all! Their rousing live show and their impressive live sound make CREKKO an enrichment for every event! Currently the three Swabians are working on their fifth longplayer and promise a refreshing mix of multifaceted rock with catchy hooklines! With their melange of melody, hardness and emotion CREKKO manage to cast a spell over pretty much everyone. Convince yourselves ... !!!!


Musical classification:

Their sound contains anthemic moments as known from bands like NICKELBACK and STAIND. These are cleverly paired with driving power elements that could come from the FOO FIGHTERS or GODSMACK feat. CHRIS CORNELL.

"This troupe deserves your support, because with such potential you can make it to the top. Hammer album!" (

"If you like the heavier songs of Nickelback, you'll get your money's worth here, too." (

"Another characteristic of the band is namely to give even the songs located in metal a certain radio suitability, but without missing the necessary drive." (

"Especially the sound is fully up to date [...]" (


German Rock and Pop Award

Revolverheld, Wirtz, Kärbholz, Die Happy, Mia, Jennifer Rostock, Clawfinger, 4LYN u.v.a.


Over 200 concerts played all over Germany.
An excerpt can be found here: click here


Marco Selter – Gesang, Gitarre

Philipp Wolff – Schlagzeug
Klaus Asbach – Bass


Freudenstadt BW/DE


Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal







Philipp Wolff
+49 (0)7441/8309179

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